Meta-omics analysis of elite athletes identified a performance-enhancing microbe that functions via lactate metabolism.

Scheiman et al. Nature Medicine. 05/10/2019

In this paper the genus Veillonella was identified to play a role in the exercise performance. First, authors examined the gut microbiome of the athletes who ran a marathon (n=15) and control individuals who did not (n=10). Veillonella was found to be increased in the post exercise state, compared to... [Read More]

Genetic risk for autoimmunity is associated with distinct changes in the guman gut microbiome

Russell et al. Nature Communications. 08/09/2019

The authors investigated 403 stool samples of 1-year old children from ABIS cohort for developing Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), which underwent 16S rRNA sequencing. Only participants with a known Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) alleles were selected for the study, given that HLA was previously shown to be associated with autoimmune... [Read More]
Tags: T1D